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Our realisitc and easy crew center allows you to simulate operations

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Hello - by Mason Halls on 03/14/2018

Hello Everyone,

Hello and welcome to Jet2Virtual First off the bat I would like to give you all a warm welcome to this virtual airline. My name is Mason Halls the CEO of Jet2Virtual, I Strive to bring you pilots the best experince within the virtual airline, along with my welcoming staff team that are always ready to help. During our launch we will be doing a VA flight where all the pilots join and we all fly from a location to a destination. All pilots and staff are welcome to join, it would be ideal if you could as we want to promote the VA as much as we can at the minute. Why not join if you new and check out our simple and interactive website. If you need anything please let us know through the contact menu and one again welcome to Jet2Virtual.

CEO - Mason Halls

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Flight # Departure Arrival Duration Pilot Landing Rate
EXS1MGEGGWLEMG02.23EXS0035 Wayne Foster-189
EXS345EGNXLEAL02.22EXS0035 Wayne Foster-198
EXS13FREGGWLPFR02.06EXS0008 Gary Laird-1421
EXS979EGCCGCRR03.55EXS0029 Bradley Haslehurst-296
EXS604LEMGEGNX02.50EXS0029 Bradley Haslehurst-69