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Recent News

76 Pilots! - by Matthew Cartwright on 10/18/2018

76 Pilots! 

As you may know a few months back we informed you that we hit 50 pilots. Seen as since then there has been update on anything so heck the time is now. 

I would like to inform you that we have now hit 76 pilots within the virtual airline and while most of you are unaware of who half of the pilots are, we wish to welcome all those new pilots as a whole.

In terms of the promised event do to the entire staff team being extremely busy with IRL stuff or other servers not much has been planned with this. Rest Assured the staff will still be going with this event at some point. We encourage you to join this event but it is not compulsary to do so. 

We hope to see you at that event.


Another thing we have in production for you pilots is a custom livery for your aircraft when it comes to the livery our very wonderful dago (AKA Jordan) will be producing these said liveries for you as well as a special livery for 100 members.



As a whole we welcome you to the virtual airline and we hope to see you in the skies very soon! 

Jet2 Virtual.

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Airline ICAO Pilot Dpt Arr Status % Complete

Flight Statistics

Flight # Departure Arrival Duration Pilot Landing Rate
EXS431EGNMLHBP02.41EXS0008 Gary Laird-1397
EXS345EGNXLEAL02.25EXS0008 Gary Laird-1533
EXS7LAEGCCLERS02.12EXS0003 Kuba Kajderowicz-238
EXS17KDEGAALEMG03.10EXS0004 Jordan Denison-391
EXS13HEGCCLEPA03.35EXS0079 Nicola Maselli-378